Welcome to OhrSites Web Solutions, your source for all your website development needs. We will work with you, step by step, to develop your website the way you want it. Whether you already have a website in mind and just need someone to put it together, or you need someone to also help you plan out your website from scratch, OhrSites Web Solutions will fulfill your need.
Our History
We started programming over 10 years ago as amateurs playing around with Visual Basic in the school computer lab. We created games, utilities, and educational programs. We continued on to graphic calculators, building the first (and to the best of our knowledge, the only) Hebrew word processor and Jewish calendar on a TI 89. We then dabbled in HTML, which gave us our background for PHP. Finally, we arrived at PHP and MySQL. In the course of working with PHP and MySQL we picked up CSS and JavaScript, allowing us to incorporate AJAX into our sites. We now regularly create highly dynamic and interactive websites using PHP and MySQL databasing with rich AJAX applications.
Our Commitment
It is our mission to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied with the job that we do. We will work with you to make sure that the end product turns out the way you envisioned. From your first contact with us until your website is up and running as per your expectations, your needs will be our top priority. We will make sure that you are comfortable with the way that we develop your ideas, as well as with everything that we bring to the table. Be it a conversation on the phone, through email, or in person, you will leave each disscusion with us assured that your project is being developed according to your expectations. In short, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
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